Polarization StabilizationPolarization Stabilization

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N7784B Polarization Stabilizer

The N7784B is a versatile instrument capable of manipulating the polarization state (SOP) as well as stabilizing the SOP to a fixed state.

Stabilizing is achieved by minimizing the power level at the output of a polarization beam splitter (PBS). Minimizing the power at one port will maximize the output power at the second port. Furthermore, the light at the second output has a well-defined SOP since only signal components with the correct SOP can pass the PBS. The output of the PBS is a polarization maintaining fiber. Thus, the N7784B can be used to couple light with an unknown SOP into the main axis of a PMF.


  • PMF Coupling
  • Polarization Stabilization
  • Polarization Scrambling
  • Polarization Control

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Last modified: 22-Dec-2009