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Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER) Measurement

The polarization extinctio ratio (PER) is a common parameter mainly used in applications where polarization maintaining fibers (PMF) are used. It describes how good the light is guided in one of the two main axis of the PMF. Acceptable values are around 20dB..25dB while excellent values typically are around 35dB.

Since various optical devices like laser diodes, inline polarizers or couplers are available in polarization maintaining versions, improving or measuring their PER is an important task in manufacturing or quality verification.

The N7782B PER Analyzer offers comprehensive solutions for accuractely measuring PER values in polarization maintaining fibers:

  • Accurate PER-measurement up to 50dB.
  • Realtime display allows fast alignment.
  • Swept-wavelength and fixed-wavelength methods available.
  • Fast/slow axis detection.
  • Automation interface available (DLL, LabView, MATLAB, Python).
  • Options for O-Band (1300nm) and C/L-Band (1460nm-1620nm) available.

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Last modified: 22-Dec-2009